Welcome to Louvre Board’s documentation!

Copyright:(C)2014 Silica an Avnet company
Date:26 Mar 2015
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Silica Louvre board is an useful product to evaluate the capabilities of NFC with NXP technology.
The Louvre is a low power consumption board, the power supply is supplied exclusively from the NFC antenna of the android device.
The firmware provided can display on an e-ink screen the images sent by an android application.

In this documentation we show step by step the features of the firmware and how debug it.


If you want quickly see how the demos work go here Quick start guide!

For board schematics and source code it is needed the registration from ArchiTech website.
If you are interested to develop on this board don’t forget to read the Development section.

General Description

  • Small form factor
  • ISO7816 ID1 form factor (creditcard)
  • NXP Cortex M0 LPC11U37 Microcontroller
  • 2.7 e-ink display
  • SEN300 temperature sensor
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Possibility to operate without battery
  • Full size antenna to maximize energy harvesting
  • Four capacitive buttons to enable user interaction